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Vladimír Mařík

Prof. Ing. Vladimír Mařík, DrSc. - Biography
Head of the Department of Cybernetics
College of Electrical Engineering, ČVUT in Prague

Professor Vladimír Mařík graduated from ČVUT's College of Electrical Engineering in 1975. He habilitated himself in 1984 and was designated as a professor in the field of Technical Cybernetics in 1990.

In 1990, he founded and since has lead a Joint Workplace of ČVUT and FAW J. Kepler University in Linz, which was transformed in 1996 into Gerstner Laboratory for intelligent decision making. The lab represents today one of the leading workplaces in the field of artificial intelligence in the Czech Republic and enjoys international reputation due to the competetiveness of its results. Professor Mařík became Head of the Department of Control Engineering in 1997 and formed Department of Cybernetics in 1999, which he has since lead as an advanced workplace and achieved a prestigious title "EU Centre of Excellence" (EUCE) in 2000.

Professor Mařík's area of expertise is artificial intelligence and its application in systems automation and decision support systems with emphasis on industrial applications. He has participated in several R&D programs, such as industrial systems for planning and production schedulling, expert systems and diagnostics systems. He closely cooperates with industrial leaders and is in charge of long-term research contracts between ČVUT and companies like Vitatron Medical (Netherlands), Robert Bosch (Germany), Denso (Japan), Cadence (USA) and other institutions, such as NASA or U.S. Air Force Research Lab. Professor Mařík founded Research Centre Rockwell Automation Prague in 1993, which he has since lead and grown into a successful unit with 50 research workers. He is an author or co-author of more than 150 magazine articles or conference contributions and co-author or co-editor of 15 books from prestigious publishing houses.

Awards: Czechoslovak National Award (1989), Rockwell's Chairman Team Award (1997), Austrian National Decoration ?Honorary Cross for Science and Art? (2003)